Wednesday, April 27, 2011

YouTube Videos.... the time is NOW~!

Are you ready for videos?  A 2010 study conducted by the Pew Research Project determined that 69 percent of U.S. adults connected to the Web are currently watching videos online.  At its present rate of growth, online video could have close to 100-percent penetration within the next five years.

Given the widespread popularity of video, the marketing and SEO possibilities for website businesses in 2011 are really limitless.  The Interactive Advertising Bureau reports that online video revenues increased by 65 percent year-to-year by mid-2010, and 2011 will produce an even more dramatic increase. 

Google is now testing new video ad formats on YouTube that it is planning to roll out before the end of 2011.  Labeled TrueView, the ads will give users the option to select from multiple choices, and advertisers pay only for those ads chosen.  Whether creating paid ads that users choose to watch, or other content that will be shared on social networks, web marketers are going to be challenged to produce engaging videos in 2011.

So if you are thinking about doing video for your business, whether it is to promote your business, provide how to instruction, showcase customer testimonials, etc., now is the time to do it.  Get on board before your competition does.
So you have videos but how do you get the most out of them online?  One thing to consider is YouTube.  A couple of facts about YouTube - they ar the fifth largest brand and the second largest search engine on the Internet.  Having a video on YouTube can give it MUCH more visibility and ”findability” than just posting it directly on your website.  Instead, set up a YouTube channel for your business and put your videos there.  Then embed those YouTube videos on your website.  Now, instead of your videos only being accessible to those people who visit your website, they are now available to anyone on YouTube and much more visibile in internet search.

Over the next couple of weeks we are going to look at two different types of videos - Viral and Brand-Focused and the differences in each.

Viral videos are ones that are passed by users through the internet.  Brand-focused videos are videos that are tied to a highly visible site and are clearly branded and are meant to be seen as commercials or sources of information.  That's not to say that brand-focused videos can't go viral, they can.  Think about the Vikings and the singing goat.  Another difference is that viral videos appear as spontaneous encounters between consumers and your brand or product where brand-focused messages are meant to be seen as messages from the brand to the consumer.

Before you make a decision on which type of video to make, you must decide what the message is that you want to deliver and what fits your branding strategy.  For example, a viral video may be great for a new brand of whiskey or beer, but not so good for a mutual fund company.

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